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Short Story: Of Foils
Of Foils
“We’re you always this bad?” Kamen asked almost petulantly. He scratches the back of his head with his free hand, now fully understanding Rei’s adamant order to use dulled foils in duels with Artemis. He would have quartered her several times over had they used their own personal weapons, Necrosis and Chaos respectively.
Artemis purses her lips and huffs, nearly throwing down her own foil as she straightens out her white fencing jacket and pulls her visor up to rest on the top of her head, “If you weren’t so capricious I’d have a better chance.”
He scowled at her, “Artemis, I’m making it a point to be as predictable as possible. Either I’ve gotten very good or you’ve forgotten everything.”
“I’ll go with the first one.” Artemis said flatly.
“Do you even remember how to parry away an attack at all?”
In theory. Artemis thought, but the words were
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Short Story: Of Banyans
Of Banyans
“You’re absolutely certain we won’t get into trouble for this?”
Artemis gave Kamen a sideways glance, “Diplomatic visit.”
“Spontaneous vacation.”
“To make an appearance in Havati.”
“To escape a surprise visit from Van Dean by hopping on an airship and going to Kaygoia.”
She stifled the urge to roll her eyes, “To see my grandfather.”
Kamen glanced over the iron rail of the balcony adjoined to the room the Dauphine occupied in the Kaygoian palace of Saresvat, to the field of guava trees, “Alladair Udit?” He glanced back to Artemis quickly, “Does he have a title here? He’s the King’s uncle isn’t he?”
“He’s a Prince, but it’s not as high an honor here as it is most other places. There are merchants in Havati with more power than the princes.”
“Where does dauphine sit in all that?”
“Normally no
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Artemis: Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Fifteen: A Costly Mistake
"Kamen?” Nancy called through the apartment upon her return, “You still here?”
“Right here.” His voice came from the sofa, surprising his host. “Thank you for coming back.”
She smiled and removed her coat, scarf, and shoes, placing them next to the door as she set her phone onto the small table next to the door.
Nancy did not intend to tell Kamen what had happened with Van Dean over tea. There was no reason to give him the false hope that she would choose Clovis—that is if he was as adamant about her leaving with him as Van Dean was.
Kamen was human, Kamen had been Victor, he had to understand her apprehension.
She curiously started towards the sofa, wondering why he had not at least poked his head up to see her.
“Shouldn't you be off working?” It was a half-hearted question; Nancy was curious as to what he found to occupy himself, however she had come to expect his stoicism.
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Artemis: Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fourteen: Cruel Undertones
“Oh come on Nancy, you know I tell you everything,” Charlie made a gesture to Drake, “and I tell him even more.”
Nancy looked down at her plate of scrambled eggs and fried potatoes; her stomach was already full from the food she had eaten with Van Dean but attempted to eat the contents of her plate as best she could. They were sitting in a booth that day, a small family had taken their usual table for the day that had come much earlier than Drake and Charlie had.
The couple sat opposite Nancy, scarves piled in the corner of the booth, Drake with an arm around the back of Charlie’s side of the bench, holding a cup of coffee with only a slice of toast left on his plate. Charlie had been slower in eating his pancakes, playing with his food as he ate.
Charlie told Drake everything; it was an understatement. Often times, it was the reason why Nancy would hold onto the details of her personal life for the simple f
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Artemis: Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Thirteen: The Chain of Command
Pandomé stood in the living room of Van Dean’s human apartment; she smiled wryly at the surroundings, wondering just how fond of living like a human he had become.
She tilted her head at him curiously. He seemed happy enough, in the small kitchenette periodically checking the time and pulling together tea, orange juice, pastries, and fruit.
Van Dean glanced at the stairs suddenly, smiling. His guest was awake.
Pandomé glanced in the same direction and offered a suggestion, “should I go?”
“No,” He said simply, going back to his work slicing wedges of spinach and feta quiche, topping them with a finely chopped tomato salad, “I would like for her to meet you.”
Pandomé nodded once.
“And I need for you to convince me to let her leave.”
She looked as if she were going to nod once more, but stopped herself, “if you make a plan, and then you want to change it midway, I
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Artemis: Chapter Twelve
Chapter Twelve: Rivalry

It was sheer chance that he had the gun, normally he would not have bothered with it.
It was not his intent to kill.
He wanted to send a message: that this was not neutral territory, and the next time the man in the black uniform set foot onto the property it would be his last.
The shot would not wake Nancy, stuck in a dream-state until the sun rose.
Kamen immediately regretted his choice in clothing, the newer under armor had been put in the wash and he had not yet been able to retrieve it from the dryer at the apartment. The bullet tore through the fabric of his older armor shirt and into his shoulder, and exited the other side with ease.
Van Dean looked down at the weapon in his hand before tossing it to the side, dissipating into nothing before hitting the ground.
Kamen coughed and grimaced, the rermanim would not inhibit the pain for long, and he rolled onto his side before he stood and grasped the wound, “and here I thought were friends.
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Short Story: Of Cantrips
Of Cantrips
The powder blue sky had begun to bleed at its edges from the oncoming dusk. Artemis had cozied herself under the apple tree behind the manor with a book for the evening while Lillaine was occupied with an array of doctors after an overexertion of herself.
There was a bitterness burrowing itself inside her chest over Lillaine, the idea that her friend was getting worse rather than better, and the immense loneliness that followed.
For the first hour of Lillaine’s treatment, Artemis had berated herself on the feeling. The selfishness of it all, wanting companionship when her companion (perhaps companion was a bad way to think of it, but human companions were not the same as Buenan companions) was ill in bed and she ought to be praying for her safe recovery—not that the human gods had ever done anything but scoff at her prayers.
In the meantime, Artemis was learning quickly how hard it was to get comfortable in a corset; her white frock would be stained to he
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Artemis: Chapter Eleven
Chapter Eleven: Trepidation
Van Dean watched Nancy in earnest as she lifted her teacup to her lips, the dark steaming liquid did carry an aroma of pears on the heavy lemon scent and for a second she paused, allowing the rim of the cup to rest upon her lower lip. A simple honey chamomile, Van Dean had said, it was only a simply honey chamomile, but mixed with the warnings of the morning, she could not help but think that there was something more to the sweet smell.
Van Dean sighed and sat back in his chair, knowing of the conversation she had held with the man at her apartment only a few hours prior.
Kamen’s presence had been inevitable, although he was not moving as hastily as had been expected, it was understood that he was starting to fall behind in the game. It had to be executed carefully, much more seriously than chess, Van Dean was certain that his sanity hung in the balance.
She sat there, opposite him, sunlight radiating from her. Her hair tied back behind h
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Artemis: Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten: Omelettes and Inventions

Charlie had already left by the time that Kamen woke the next morning; he had almost forgotten where he was when he opened his eyes and looked up at the bird mobile hanging from the ceiling. After a few moments he attempted to run the events of the previous evening through his head with little luck. All thoughts reverted to the girl who had slept beside him, murmuring every so often incoherently, and at a few times tossing about until he eventually reached out to calm her down. The night had been nostalgic, reminiscent of the countless nights spent with Artemis in the haven, the cave in the forest of Jannah where the two had gone when Van Dean’s obsession had made Q’ael Dan’il too dangerous.
She was callous, crass, sarcastic, deadpan, and rude. He was certain that she would not be giving Van Dean the same comments that she had given him, and that in itself brought a smile to Kamen’s face. It was further proof that sh
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Artemis: Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine: Two Bottles of Vodka
“Did he hurt you?”
Nancy jumped in the entryway of her apartment. She had just turned from locking the door behind her and slipped off her shoes when Kamen appeared in front of her to interrogate.
She rolled her eyes at him, “He didn’t touch me. Not one finger. Happy?”
Kamen swallowed and looked at her skeptically, turning his head and glaring at her from the corner of his eye, “Did you eat anything there?”
“He invited me to spend the day with him, of course I ate.” She walked past him and tossed her purse onto the davenport.
“What did you eat?”
She glared at him.
“Do you feel sticky?”
She looked at him incredulously.
“I mean inside.”
Nancy’s jaw dropped open, “What?”
Kamen’s own jaw dropped in horror as he realized what he had said, “Oh god, I am so eloquent. What I mean is—”
He stopped, Nancy was laughing.
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Artemis: Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight: A Shrewd Host
Nancy recognized the address on the paper that Van Dean had sent with the flowers that morning; it was in one of the neighborhoods near Amy’s house. The house itself was a fine cream stucco, surrounded by a trim garden and oddly lush green trees despite the chilly December weather. It was at this moment that she realized that she had taken the wrong scarf from the rack next to the door: rather than the thin mustard colored scarf with light pink flowers, she had taken the softer one, the solid goldenrod one that Kamen had come to her in the night before.
She rubbed her cheek against the fabric and stifled a smile. It had been the rumors surrounding Victor, and the warning from Van Dean in her dream, that made Nancy so leery of Kamen. Now she had warnings coming from Kamen concerning Van Dean. Both appeared legitimately worried for her safety, but she would have to come to her own conclusion about the strange story that had been presented, and bo
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Artemis: Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven: Lucid Dreams and Reality
Everything was hazy; Nancy sat up in bed and looked at the light outside the cracked door. She had shut her door when she went to bed, she had even locked it due to incomplete trust in her guest, but there it was open and allowing the light from the hall to fall right onto her face in the room.
With a groan she stood, staggering to the door and ready to yell and shout at the one crashed on the living room couch, but when she swung the door open she found that she was no longer in her apartment. She was outside—something like outside. It was a small clearing of short grass covered in small patches of violets with a park bench in the middle. It was not a clearing in a forest, it was a clearing in a limitless white, and the door to her room shut behind her, disappearing entirely.
“Hello?” Nancy asked curiously.
She received a reply, regardless of her expectations, “Hello.”
Van Dean was sitting on the bench and wa
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Artemis: Chapter Six
Chapter Six: Caspius Van Dean
It was called The Cellar.
Nancy arrived there later than she would have liked, a timely arrival hindered by the question of heels versus flats. The flats won out, after the week she had had, and the oncoming stress of the eviction and knowing that her best friend’s missing cousin was in the country, she had come to the conclusion that she would be dancing off steam.
She found Charlie and Drake at the bar, perturbed at being unable to find a table with the venue so packed, but enjoying themselves nonetheless. Charlie with a drink in his hand, and Drake finished with his.
“Where have you been?” Charlie asked as he greeted her with a hug.
“Wardrobe malfunction.” Nancy smiled and then almost grimaced, “Also, I’m fairly certain that was him earlier.”
“Him?” Drake furrowed his brow.
Charlie’s face lit up, “It was Victor Covington, he’s in the city.” He turned
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Artemis: Chapter Five
Chapter Five: Abductions
I don’t say it because I can’t stand it. I can’t stand not being human with you.”
Any way that Kamen looked at it, Q’ael Dan’il seemed empty without Artemis.
To him, regardless of the years that had passed, it seemed that it was only yesterday that the two were running around the crystal palace, ransacking the kitchens and playing games late into the night. His room was bare and very un-lived in because he had not been there often, on his days off he had spent them by her side.
Kamen retrieved the red ball from under the pillow on his bed and tossed it into the air once, catching it and then sitting onto the bed. He tossed the ball in front of him, bouncing it once on the floor, to the wall, and then back to himself. If could focus on one thing perhaps he would be able to clear his mind enough to think of the entire predicament logically.
She was human, she was someone that he could have known—would
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Artemis: Chapter Four
Chapter Four: Kamen Covington

Over the next week Victor was kept in Q’ael Dan’il, away from the eyes of its inhabitants save the ones who had already seen him, and was explained everything in detail.
Rei was the Commander-in-Chief of the Clovinian Armed Forces, something that nearly caused Victor to asphyxiate from forgetting to breathe when the full realization set in. The man’s antics were unorthodox, but had somehow proven effective in his last hundred and fifty or so years of service at that level.
He was told that the room he was given had been his before, but when Victor surveyed the surroundings he wondered exactly how often Kamen was in that room when he was alive. The atmosphere was sterile; there were no pictures with the exception of a family photograph hidden in the top dresser drawer and there was a shiny red ball under one of the pillows on the bed. The walls were covered in dark blue paper with embossed gold flourishes, the ceiling was painted w
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Artemis: Chapter Two Part Three
Chapter Two: New Friends, Old Friends
Part 3
“I made it, I’m here! Sorry I didn’t call you earlier.”
Victor was rummaging through the office in search of the west wing keys only a few doors down the hall, and Rei off prowling the grounds—or whatever it was he did with his time. Amy had pulled her laptop out of its bag and set it on the bed with her. The screen showed the home she had left in the states, badly lit, and with the red-haired and freckled friend on the other side.
You’re fine,” Nancy shook her head and turned on a lamp to her side, the lighting immediately improved. “I wasn’t sure what time you were supposed to get there, I took a nap.”
“Henry still in bed?” She smiled.
Nancy nodded, “He fell asleep on the way back from the airport, thanks again for letting me borrow your car.”
Amy shook her head, “You know there’s not a lot I wouldn
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11:Elle's Wedding Day
"Miss! Miss!" Thomas cried.
Elle opened her eyes with a groan to find Thomas leaning over her, his little hands on her shoulder as he tried to shake her awake.
"What time is it?" She croaked.
Stretching, she turned onto her side and glanced at the porthole, frowning when she saw that it was still dark.
"It's just after dawn!" Thomas said, sitting beside her on the narrow bed.
Elle sighed, tugging the thin sheet more tightly around her shoulder. She had made it a habit to sleep as late as she could, not because she was depressed, she assured herself, but because it meant less time spent anywhere near Elias, and more time spent devising a plan.
"Why on Earth are you waking me up so early?" Elle asked, just as a deafening BOOM rocked the ship.
Elle shot up in the bed, grabbing Thomas protectively around the shoulders. "What the hell was that?" She shrieked.
Thomas laughed. "It's alright Miss, just a signal shot to let Tearny know we intend to make port."
Elle stood up and stretched
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10: Elle's Revenge
Elle ripped her arm free of the large sailor's grip as he hauled her up from the ladder and onto the deck. She nearly fell to the floor, feeling so detached and disoriented from the horror she had just witnessed that her whole body was numb.
Mias is dead.
She felt a sharp twisting in her chest at the very thought, and she wanted nothing more than to crumple to the floor and cry. She looked towards the island, only able to see the outline of the cliffs and the glimmer of waves as they drifted onto the shore. Elle wanted to hurl herself over the side of the ship, to swim back to Mias and hold him in her arms one last time. But she knew there would be no point in it, that all the wishing and crying, all the promises and kisses in the world would never bring him back. All she could do now was hope that Mias knew what she felt for him. That his love for her was matched by her love for him.
She watched as Elias climbed up the last few steps of the ladder with a wide grin on his face,
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So, I'm getting married. Of course. After seven years it seems the reasonable thing to do. That and Robbie won't give me a baby until everything is legal.

I'm wearing my mother's gown, but I bought another for the reception. It is fabulous. The wedding is set for June and will be on the lake in Marblehead, OH. We're going from there to wherever Robbie has chosen for a honeymoon spot (a cabin somewhere in Canada I think).

Until then I have flower crowns and bouquets to make as well as plugging away at my writing.

Up late at the usual spot.


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